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Conservatory Window Film Installers

Having a conservatory is a fantastic idea. You can actually sit inside your home, but feel like you are outside, thanks to all that glass or combination of glass and polycarbonate.

Unfortunately, it is only at this point we discover the major design fault! It is extremely hot in summer and it is too cold in the winter - you may have curtains or blinds that only spoil your view and require regular cleaning, your furniture & carpets or floors are fading, intense glare from sunlight, due to these factors you are not maximising your use of your conservatory.


We have a number of solutions to make your conservatory one of the most used rooms in the house. Our range of films can dramatically reduce excessive heat in the summer and retain valuable heat in the winter. It makes your conservatory a room you want to use again and it cuts the costs of cooling and heating. We can offer a range of metalized films that will have just this effect, they can be tinted, clear or coloured to your specification.

An added benefit of the films, they also offer UV protection and help against fading of fabrics, sofas, wooden floors, artwork, furnishings etc...

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