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Lumisty® View Control Window Films

Please note this product has been discontinued

All existing stock has gone!


Lumisty, now you see it, now you don’t…  LUMISTY is the world’s first ‘Point of View’ Glazing Film. That is to say, it’s the only glazing film that changes from clear to frosted depending on the viewing angle.

If you’ve seen LUMISTY in action you’ve experienced the unexpected and pleasing visual sensation it creates. Upon first encountering the product, people are often struck by what they think is an optical illusion. Walking past a window with LUMISTY applied, a perfectly clear, transparent glass surface becomes, in a step or two, partially fogged. Two or three steps later, the same window is completely fogged. Walk backward or forward, and it’s clear again. As the viewer’s angle shifts, so does the transparency or translucency of the film.

Please note this product has been discontinued
Lumisty 3 viewing angles

Please note this product has been discontinued
This is a very specialist film - No other known product will create the unique & priceless effects the way Lumisty® View Control Window Films produce.

Imported directly from the Manufacturers based in Japan - 10m2 Minimum order

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