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Residential Glass Frosting & Window Film Solutions

Glass frosting your property's windows is becoming more popular, typical applications of opal and etched privacy films are to street facing windows and rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, shower units, balconies or perhaps to obscure an unsightly view.


Privacy films create a greater level of privacy from passers-by and nosey neighbours while allowing good levels of natural light!
Our films will cost effectively transform your glass
Ensuring a comfortable and safe living environment for you and your
family and free from prying eyes  looking into your living space, and seeing your valuables & lifestyle on display

Before                                                       After

Opal Frosted Privacy Film
Application of opal frost or etched films can make your living experience even more enjoyable & private
The films are applied directly to the glass and require no maintenance, we can cut patterns and shapes into most films,  or perhaps
opt for a thin clear border, just let us know your requirements
To guarantee a perfect installation we can install your films at a convenient time
We also remove old & existing films, usually without the need for chemicals
The films are as permanent or temporary as required, making it ideal for rental properties or events as films can be removed at a later stage and without damage to the glass.
Privacy films can enhance any environment, once installed they create an excellent
level of privacy to the level you require, we are happy to advise!
Our range of films are suitable for application on most types of glass.
They allow natural light to pass, recommended areas are street facing rooms, living & dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms,
shower cubicles, internal glass doors and partitions front doors, patio doors, balcony glass & conservatories

We also install a wide range of solar & security window films, mirrored, clear safety UV films, tints, transparent colours etc

Bespoke Shower Frosting
Films we supply & install: Opal Frost, Silver Etch, Sparkle, Mirrored, Tinted, Solar & Safety Window Films
We don't have fixed prices but for the average 3-4 pane bay window would typically cost from around £100 - £150
this is just a price indication & we need to take in to consideration travel time, type of glazing, parking costs etc
For an free no obligation estimate please complete the form on the Contact us page - actual glass pane sizes are required for a quotation!



Bedroom White Mist to Mirror

Kitchen window bespoke frosting




As all work is bespoke, you have your say, choose from complete frost, or have an outside clear border, or perhaps a patterned design?



Other Examples


Other types of films
Before After
Clear anti-glare UV film



Conservatory films

Some benefits of window films

Reduction of Interior Fading – Many people are still unaware that over time the sun's UV rays cause damage to the interior of your home to fabrics, clothing, curtains, sofas, carpets, wooden floors, furniture and even artwork. Fortunately, window film blocks up to 99% of these harmful UV rays to help protect your interior furnishings as well as your skin, the film also reduces glare.


Temperature Control – Glass, windows and patio doors are one of the main contributing factors to a room's temperature, both heat and cold enter via glass. The sun’s solar properties can cause any room to become overheated, or very cold in the winter.  Normally you turn up the air conditioning / heating to combat the problem - The down side to this is your electricity & gas bills and your carbon footprint, but now with the use of our range of window films, you can control the temperature by heat gain and loss inside your home, see the benefits all year round. This will not only help to reduce your energy costs but it will allow for a more comfortable living environment.

Increase Privacy – Windows are our view the outside world, but sometimes they do not provide a lot of privacy. Many residential window films consist of various colour shades to provide added privacy to your home while still allowing excellent external vision, alternatively our frosted and etched glass range is a popular choice, available with a range of designs or personalised.

Safety & Security – Window films can re-enforce glass around 300% this protects you from flying glass or having to clean-up broken shards of glass, they also help deter break-ins by the film holding the glass in-place on impact, this also applies to explosions and accidental breakage. The films are scratch resistant but not scratch-proof.

To find our more about this range of products, simply complete the form in the Contact Us section or call us, where we will be only too happy to discuss your requirements



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