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Solar Window Films

Solar window films are the ideal solution for exterior glass in office buildings, through out the home & conservatories - Different effects are available, choose from clear, tinted, coloured, mirrored

Privacy window film converts clear glazing to obscure and when applied to glass restricts people’s vision to protect sensitive areas such as your lounge or bedroom, a meeting room or to prevent prying eyes from seeing what equipment you have in the office or home.

Our privacy films come in many varieties ranging from frosted to complete black/white out and mirror reflective (during daylight hours) which gives you the ability to see out when no one can see in, dependent on the greatest light source.



Frosted / Etched Films – If privacy is an issue or if you need to hide an unsightly view, frosted or etched window film is the ideal choice. The film offers privacy day and night, even when the lights are on inside, unlike reflective films, and is a superb modern alternative to net curtains or blinds. These films can be applied to an entire pane or cut to a design. They provide very good levels of privacy whilst allowing light to pass through. Where open office areas are divided by glazed partitions the application of frosted film makes efficient use of available space.


Reflective Film – Or mirrored films are also known as daylight privacy films, these films need the correct light balance as they work to the greatest light source. During daylight hours viewed from the outside only a mirror reflection can be seen whilst occupants enjoy uninhibited views of the outside world, avoiding the dingy and oppressive conditions associated with blinds. These reflective films also provide impact security.


Blackout Film – These films come in a choice of matte white, grey, silver or bronze to complete blackout and whiteout. They are a flexible, cost effective and attractive method of blocking light transmission from either direction whilst obscuring any unsightly view through a feature such as a partition or screen.

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