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Speciality & Decorative Window Films
Our range of Speciality & Decorative Patterned Films can be applied to most types of glass. We stock a variety of patterns, including frosted effects, ready made patterns for the office environment, schools, shop fronts and residential properties. We can also produce bespoke patterns, cut-out logos etc.


Our patterned self-adhesive films are applied directly to the glazing, they will transform any boring room with glass into a sensational looking one with the added benefit of a level of privacy. The films can also help mask unsightly views and create fantastic illusions to the glass in your office or property. Different films give different effects, but whether you are aiming for a stained glass effect, a rich and fashionable look or a sophisticated look, our range of Decorative Patterned Films could be your solution.



To find our more about this range of products and the patterns we have available, simply complete the form in the Contact Us section or call us, where we will be only to happy to discuss your requirements

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